[News]: OCTOPUS CRACKS SAFES - Glasgow Daily Record


Robotic Staff
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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005
[SIZE=-1]Glasgow Daily Record, UK - 49 minutes ago[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]SQUIRT, a giant octopus at a Cornwall aquarium, has learned how to crack safes with increasingly difficult locks. Squirt's keepers ... [/SIZE]

This may be the shortest and most uninformative article of all time, but it would be of interest to anyone in proximity of the Cornwall aquarium, if only because they could go there and try to get more info. Is "Squirt" the same octopus that has gotten PR from the latest round of "shrimp in a jar" experiments?
Probably one of my greatest desires ever for a captive octopus would be to utilize it this way in some "Crime of the Century", but I frankly, just don't buy it. Has anybody heard anything else? I really, really doubt this one.
To restate my first post, I am guessing that this article *is* in reference to the "shrimp in a jar" experiements, with obligatory sensationalization.
Ah, sh***y journalism triumphant, once again. I love how this just keeps going around and around indefinitely.
Original title of article: "Octopus Cracks Jar"

Then sensationalistic editing reared its ugly head...


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