Shalom, y'all!


Oct 24, 2021
Hiya! My name's Jonah (pronounced like the J is a Y), and I'm a keeper at an aquarium in Israel. I went to high school in Texas, which is where I get my superb English skills and my penchant for saying "y'all" 😉
Among other animals, I take care of two common octopuses (Octopus vulgaris)– at least that's what I've been told. I haven't actually identified them myself, as my background is more in turtles and other reptiles (although I'm a big fan of octopuses!)
I hope to be able to learn from y'all on how to be a better caretaker to my two octopuses! Thanks a bunch for the opportunity 💚
Octopus actually seem to be relatively easy to care for In my opinion, so good news there.
What do the setups look like for your specimens. Do you work with others to take care of them.
Pictures would be nice.
Also can you give us a run down of the filtration system.
Welcome @Jonah, thank you for joining!
Octopus actually seem to be relatively easy to care for In my opinion
The Big Lebowski Film GIF by The Good Films

lol not for me... but I really appreciate the folks here who take that project on, and share their experiences. :thumbsup: ... - have you still got Snips / how's that going??
Snips is still around. Still small too. She is about the size Jolene was when I get her I think. Give or take. So I expect to have this one for a while.


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