newbie with thoughts of getting feet wet


Apr 9, 2007
Hello all, I'm Mike from Cincinnati, OHIO. I've got a deep passion for sea life that started back when my age was single didgits. Vacations every year to Ocean Isle Beach, NC seem to be what started it & now it's more like an addiction than a passion. Back in early 2000 I started my first saltwater tank that was going to be for dwarf seahorses, but before it cycled plans changed & it quickly became a nano reef. Over the years the tank size has grown from 10 gallons to 60 gallons to 75 gallons & has been 90 gallons for the past 2 years. Not to mention all the small side tanks, like my 4 year old daughters seahorse tank & my mantis shrimp tanks. Even after all the tank changes & lerning curves I went through I still have my first saltwater fish. A false percula clownfish named perky that was in that first 10 gallon micro reef I started back in 2000. Part luck, part science & a lot of reading.

As a kid I've kept everything under the sun & moon as pets, but preditory animals have always been my favorites. I have been thinking of keeping & maybe breeding Sepia Bandensis but never had contacts with anyone who had any experience keeping any kind of cuttlefish. Then I found Tonmo while on forums. This is the door I was looking for. I hope me picking the brains of those who are seasoned keepers & breeders won't be a burden as I learned that the only stupid question is a question not asked. Thanks in advance!
Welcome to Tonmo, Mike !
Be sure to read all of the papers under "ceph care", they'll answer most of your questions, and we are always here for the rest.

:welcome: Mike! :cuttlehi: You've found the right place.
After you've read all the cuttle papers, I'd suggest chasing down threads by cuttlegirl, who has shipped a lot of eggs to tonmoers provided by her recently deceased and sorely missed little female. :cuttlego:
:welcome: to TONMO :cuttlehi: but I haven't got much to add to what everyone else has said.
I'm a newbie here too and I must say I've never seen such a wealth of information on a subject that only I thought was interesting. Glad to be here everyone!:biggrin2:

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