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Newbie Tank Setup


Jun 14, 2007
Hi Everyone,

First let me say you guys have a great community going here with lots of info, and is the main reason I'm thinking of moving ahead with a couple of tanks.

Here's some background. I've been keeping salt fish for ~20 years on and off and have been keeping reefs for the past 4 years. My current setup is:

125g Reef
75g Father's Day present being picked up next week :wink:
30g Quarintine
7g Nano Reef
40g Refugium

The 125g and 55g are plumbed together to the refugium. The refugium has a skimmer on the intake chamber, a 5" sandbed with rubble rock and macroalgae (cheato), some hermits, snails, worms and pods in the main chamber, and a calcium reactor on the output chamber. Eventually I plan on adding in a 100g sump with a larger skimmer and calcium reactor.

The 55g currently only holds a Purple Tang and a Purple Pseudochromis (besides snails, hermits, worms and pods) so I'm thinking of putting the tang in the reef and giving the pseudochromis to a friend so I can use the tank for cuttlefish. I also want to setup the 75g has an octo tank. I would do it the other way and put the cuttlefish in the 75g but the 55g is in place with over the back overflows and can't be drilled but I can have the 75g drilled for free before picking it up next weekend. I plan on doing the 75g with the octo for a while then if everything goes good I'll do the 55g for the cuttlefish.

The guy I bought the 75g from suggested I have it drilled for an overflow that went all the way from one side to the other at the top of the tank. That's a great idea if it's going to be used for a fish or a reef but for an octo I'm thinking it would be to hard to button down. I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to drill this tank out for overflow(s) and returns with regards to locking it down so the octo can't escape, especially since it will be plumbed into the refugium which is hooked into my reef full of fish.

I'm also looking for suggestions on the type of octo to keep. With the size of the tank I think I can get away with one that's not a dwarf, but I'd like one that is active during part of the day and not just nocturnal if possible. Of course it would have to be able to live in water at about 78F since it'll plumbed to the reef.

Thanks for any advice!

:welcome: Have you checked out the ceph care articles in the upper left of the navigation bar at the top of the page? That's the best starting point...

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