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Newbie question (sorry), tank setup directory?

Michael Blue

Apr 3, 2007
Is there a directory or listing here that gives a descriptive and/or pictoral explanation of the types of systems being run by members on this site?

If not, is this something that would be useful? "There are hundred ways to skin a tank" I think it was Rich who said, and I'd love to see some of the different solutions to the questions our setups ask of us.

If this exists, please accept my apologies, place a link and lock the thread.

there aren't diagrams, but check out the "Tank Owner's Database" just about dead center of the menu bar.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add a slot in the database for "this is a link to pictures or diagrams of the tank" or similar... (as long as we made sure that spammers couldn't easily put spam links in, or something)
Yeah, I saw the "TOD", but it seemed mostly to be a list of equipment. Useful, but not for seeing complete setups and solutions. Maybe adding a description or diagram, as you mention, to the existing database is the best way to do this, if people would be interested in doing it.

I know people would be interested in seeing it.

Oh, thanks Thales, that's perfect! I can't get the "mouse over" to work, but it gives a great view of what you've done...That ones' going to take some studying, lol!

Did you say you're not using trickle or canister filtering? Are you relying almost entirely on live rock, your skimmer and water changes then?
Sorry about the mousovers - I think when I put the page in a new format it got screwy, but it should be fixed now. :biggrin2:

I am am not using trickle or canister in either my reef or my cuttle system. Big skimmer and water changes and live rock are what mostly keep it going, though there is quite a bit of macro growth as well. Levels all are fine, so I can't really justify adding something that could become a nitrate factory. Also, in the ceph system there are a ton of bristle worms that make short work of any shrimp parts that hit the bottom.

Here is a better link to the diagram.
Welcome to Daisy Hill Cuttle Farm!
Now that's interesting, your population of Bristle worms? Both my tanks have a very abundant population of worms. Some say they are not good to have, but they do a great job of cleaning up the remains, if I don't get them first and none of the octupuses I have had have ever seemed bothered by them.
There are bad bristle worms. Nasty fireworms and some others can damage corals and humans (well, all bristle worms can shove tons of bristles in your skin if you play with them). Most of them, however, are benign and do a great job of cleaning stuff up. Good bristle worms can also reach huge populations and sometimes individuals get huge - both of those things tend to scare people.
Mostly, people saying they are bad are just spreading an old aquarists tale. :biggrin2:
Thales, it's working now...Holy cow!! This is exactly the type of diagraming that gives newbies hours of fun researching all the little tidbits you threw in. I can tell with what little I do know that your system is very complex and also very unique.

Thanks all!
Thanks Michael!

In the reefing world, there are systems that blow mine out of the water. :biggrin2:

I am thinking of doing a similar diagram for my ceph system, but, ugh, the time, the time. Though...it looks like I am indeed still sick, so maybe in bed tomorrow with the laptop...
I was going to suggest that you were not allowed to get better until you laid out the cuttle tank. What software are you using to create your mouse overs?
I'm just hacking it all together in Gireworks, then exporting it as HTML, opening it in Dreamweaver and adding my template.

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