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Jan 8, 2005
Hi I am looking for a book on octocpus. It's for a friend that comes from the B.C coast in Canada. Octopus is his favorite animal and I was looking for a good book on them. Something like what you would get from National geographic if they sold one.
any help would be great. Thanks.
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

Unfortunately, the book you'd like to buy doesn't exist. Here are a couple you might consider:

Octopus and Squid, by James C. Hunt.
An inexpensive little book with lots of interesting photos. Here's my review of it:
Octopus and Squid

A more expensive book with short articles and lots of species pictures for cephalopods is the following:
Cephalopods: A World Guide

Hope this helps,

Thanks Nancy, I have seen the octopus and squid book you mentioned, looks like it might have to do. I could not read your review on it for somereason though, I was able to read the other one.

I have been trying to find the one by James C hunt but, it is hard to find in Canada.
What about one by Jacques Cousteau called octopus and squid the soft intelligence?
Any good.
The Jacques Cousteau book was published in 1973 - the print quality of the photos isn't as good as todays, but both the photos and text are interesting. He tells of his interaction with some large octos and has plenty of photos to tell the stories. You might find this in a used bookstore or online. I only recently found a copy myself. I paid $10 for it.

If you can't find it anywhere else, the Monterey Bay Aquarium probably sells the Hunt book.

Octos are just not so popular that you find books about them readily in bookstores.

I'm finding lots of the Cousteau book on the web at very reasonable prices. You might consider this for your gift.

But surprisingly, the James Hunt book must be out of print now because it's selling for up to $46 (I think that's an Amazon price for a used copy)

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is in California. They don't list their gift shop online, but I've been able to place phone orders with them before (like for my plush giant squid).

Thank you for your help Nancy, I may go with the Cousteau book I have seen it cheap on ebay. I will tell my buddy to pick a more unpopular animal to love like Bigfoot.
Check, too. You should be able to get the hardback in very good condition for not much. Just tell your friend that it's a classic!

Hi Nancy!

You have one of those plush giant squids, too? One sits on our bed here. The Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop also has plush cuttles! Rebecca and me both got each other identical ones for Christmas two years back without realizing it: each stocking was topped with one - sort of "Gift of the Cuttlefish". O Henry! :biggrin2:
Yes, I have one of those plush giant squids! I learned about them here on TONMO a couple of years ago. Squidy is here inspiring me as I write, accompanied by his little friend Octi the Octopus.

I don't think I've ever seen cuttlefish. How big are they?

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