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Jan 8, 2006
Hi all. My name is Magnus. I'm an American currently living in Philadelphia but in the next few weeks I'll be moving to North Carolina (out in the middle of nowhere, Durham being the closest town anyone would have heard of).

I've been wanting to keep cuttlefish most of my life but commited to not "pulling the trigger" until I had the means to take care of one, live food requirements and all. Some of the articles here on TONMO have inspired confidence that I can do this.

I've been keeping fish for about 25 years now, mostly freshwater but I have years of marine experienced peppered throughout. We seem to have a looooot of tanks now, mostly because my wife & I were breeding freshwater angelfish for the local pet shops. Doing the BBS hatching every night was a bit of a chore for a species that really wasn't all that engaging. I'm thinking along the lines of using all those 10 & 20 gallon tanks we've amassed to culture live foods and get back into some of the more challenging animals, including seahorses (I used to breed Hippocampus zosterae like fruit flies!!) and of course cephalopods.

I've got a 90 gallon aquarium that will be the ceph tank when I'm situated in the new house. Right now there is a black piranha in there but he's going back to the LFS so we don't have to move him with us.

There was a show on Discovery HD the other night that had a lot of neat info on cuttles and the NRCC and so on. My wife was going to tell me to change the channel and then she saw cuttelfish on the screen and knew that it was an unwinnable fight and wisely walked away.
A warm :welcome: there Yonderway. Sounds like using some of those surplus tanks for live feed is a most excellent idea; they'll come in handy if you decide to breed the cuttles!

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