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newb here.....


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 6, 2006
Ok, so i have always wanted an octo for a pet......

I have an extra 55 gallon tank now, so i have been researching, and I am looking to start pricing out supplies.

so far the list of things i know i need before i can even think to start cycling or adding water or anything are:

Protein Skimmer - Aqua C Remora - hang on type
Aquarium substrate
Live rock
Test Kits
Air pump
Salinity meter
Aquarium salt

i beleive i have found the protein skimmer (the one listed above)

My next biggest question, is how and what 'type' of live rock and sand.

I know i need a fine sand, and i'd prefer to go with a deeper sand bed.

I'd like to go out the next few weekends and price out sand and rock, but not to sure how much would be recomended for a 55 gallon long tank?

Is there a rough poundage recomendation (i.e. so many pounds of live rock per gallon or anything?), so i will have something to go by?
Hi and welcome to Ceph Care -

If you haven't done so yet, click on articles above, then on Ceph Care, and read our introductory articles on octo keeping - Keeping Cephs in Captivity, Checklist, Equipment List.

We don't recommend a deep sand bed - one inch of sand will do. As for live rock, about 1 lb/gallon is a good amount.

Make sure that the tank in question has never been used for any copper treatment - copper is fatal to octopuses.

You might add a pH meter to your list. On the other hand, you won't need a hood and expensive lights - octos require only low light.

So that's a start...

thanks, its gonna be a pretty long process i think.

i'm sure there are odds and ends that will be added (good to know now though) but for now i just need to start pricing out the big things to make sure i can do this properly.

(although i think my boss would prefer me to get some work done as opposed to research octo's on line....:lol: )

Thanks for the info!!
as for filters, canister's dont seem to be held very high regard.

I have used two on a turtle tank with good results, and plan on using them the octo tank as well.

Just wondering if anyone has used the Nu-Clear modular cannister filters.

Being able to add an entire extra canister sounds good in theory, but i have no experience with this particulat brand or model.

The biggest draw back i could see is that they would require a pump in the tank? (and octo proofing the pump and intake seems like it might be a bit more comlicated than having just an intake tube to octo proof?)

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