New User Saying Hello!


Mar 23, 2005
:welcome: I just wanted to take a minute to say hello to all of my fellow ceph nuts. I have been viewing this page for quite some time, and just recently decided to join. This is my first post actually! I have not experienced the joy of raising a bimac, which I believe would be the best first option for a ceph newbie. I have run a self maintaining tank for about two years now, and feel confident in moving up to something more challenging and more rewarding. I have lots of questions, as I'm sure lots of newbies do, as well as lots of good ideas. I will in the near future start sharing these with you all. The one question I would like to ask at this time is, are there any Rochesterians out there? I live in Rochester, NY, and if any of you do as well, and would feel comfortable meeting with me, I would love to check out a ceph tank first hand. If not, that's cool too. :rainbow: So that will be all for now, when I get some more time, I will share my ideas with you all and see what the real pros think! Take care!!

Hey Mike, and welcome to Tonmo! Glad you have such a keen interest in found the right place ! (hole?)
Hi and welcome to TONMO. com! :welcome:

I'm sure you'll enjoy having a bimac and we stand by to answer your questions about octo keeping.


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