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New Twist on an Old 40 Breeder


Jul 10, 2012
I currently have a 40 breeder that's been running for almost a year now. It was an LPS dominated reef but I have started selling off my Euphyllia and a few other things including my fish to turn the tank into a cuttlefish reef. I'll be keeping a few species of mushrooms and some zoanthids as well as adding a few macros. The equipment list is as follows:

40 breeder tank (drilled with 2 - 300 GPH Glassholes.com overflows with covers)
20 breeder center return sump (right 1/3 is a fuge with a ball valve; filter socks changed every other day)
Mag 5 return pump
titanium heater
SWC 120 Cone Skimmer
2 Maxi-Jet 1200 's with Hydor Flos and sponges installed (sponges changed every other day)
2 Maxi-Jet 400's (behind live rock to eliminate dead spots)
2 Phosban Reactor 150's (one Phosban and one carbon daisy chained)
72 watt LED hung around 15 inches from the water
screen top to cover the tank
adding a net breeder as soon as I find some dwarf cuttlefish eggs

If anyone sees any improvements I could make then please feel free to mention them.
Looks good! I only have 2 concerns, one would be that maybe there is too much flow for the cuttles? Its important that there are spots in the tank with gentle flow for the cuttles to rest. Ill let Cuttlegirl or Thales chime in on that subject though. They are much more knowledgeable on the subject of cuttles than I am.
My second concern would be corals. You dont want any corals in with the cuttles that will sting them. Although cuttlefish will have a tendency to avoid these dangers, it is important not to provide th chance of occurrence. Any corals that dont sting should be fine.

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