New TONMO Staff Member: Aaron Boyd Evans (GPO87)


Staff member
Site Owner
May 30, 2000
TONMO has scored a perfect addition to Staff: Aaron Boyd Evans (GPO87). Aaron has been visiting TONMO since January 2005. He started as a general cephalopod enthusiast and since then has seriously invested his time in cephalopod-related studies and research, currently writing his Master's Thesis on squid taxonomy at AUT in NZ. His homeland is Canada, but through TONMO he met Dr. O'Shea and Dr. Bolstad and his cephalopod passion brought him to NZ. How cool is that? He'll be helping us groom our cephalopod species (by family) forums, and we're thrilled he accepted our offer to join Staff. Please join me in welcoming him to his new role!

More about Aaron/GPO87 can be found on our Meet the Staff page.
Thanks everyone! I'm happy to provide information to the ceph community!
D: thanks for subscribing to the blog! I don't update as often as i should, but when I do, it's fairly entertaining!
WK: I like how you are "pretty sure" I'm not going to be a mistake.... I know me pretty well, and even I'M not 100% convinced that this isn't some late April fools joke Tonmo is playing on me!
WK, we don't yet have an authoritative drinking venue but maybe we need on in supporters and would need a staff member to critique? Just thinkin' :cephdevil:

Oh, wait, I think that is OB's other job!

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