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Jan 6, 2005
GPO87 - Aaron Boyd Evans

Aaron B. Evans, Monica L. Acosta, Kathrin S. Bolstad
Retinal Development and Ommin Pigment in the Cranchiid Squid Teuthowenia pellucida (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) PLOS One

Hoving HJ, Perez JA, Bolstad KS, Braid HE, Evans AB, Fuchs D, Judkins H, Kelly JT, Marian JE6, Nakajima R7, Piatkowski U, Reid A, Vecchione M, Xavier JC (2014) The study of deep-sea cephalopods Advances in Marine Biology

Evans, A.B. (2013). Ecology and ontogeny of the cranchiid squid Teuthowenia pellucida in New Zealand waters. Masters Thesis, Auckland University of Technology.

Evans, A.B. & Bolstad, K.S.R. (2014). Ontogeny of the deep-sea cranchiid squid Teuthowenia pellucida (Cephalopoda: Cranchiidae) from New Zealand waters. Journal of Natural History. 1-23.
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