New to the we site

Hi, and welcome to!

Congratulations on your new bimac. Don't forgot to put your tank and new octopus into our OCTO Database!

Also, please visit our Ceph Care Forum with your questions or to see what the other new bimac owners are up to. That's the place to post your photos and report on your bimac.

Look forward to seeing the pics!

:welcome: to Octopod!

Great that you've accquired your new bimac, is this your first ceph? Do regularly post on journals and photos so we can keep track of your bimac like Carol's :mrgreen:
When you are writting a message, scroll down and you will see "Add an attachment" click on that, wait for e page to load, then scroll down again. Next, click browse, then search for your pic, then click "Add attachment" . Do not click "add an attachment" again, they are two different things. Then the stuff will disappear and you can add another attachment.

To check if the attacchment is there, click preview.

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