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New to octo's and could use some help


May 13, 2007
Hi all, as of right now i have 4 tanks in my house between fish and reef (180,120,40,12) And I would really like to get an octopus. I am very enthusiastic and will have no problem with one that requires alot of dedication. I've pretty much got fish and reef down and both me and my father have been looking forward to getting an octopus for a while now. I was just wondering what would be a good octopus for me (new to octopuses) which will be living in a 40-50 gallon tank. Thanks, Dan
You will have a lot more options if you go for the 120 tank. Have you checked out the ceph care articles at the top of the page? If you read all of those, and start looking at the various threads under the ceph care forums, you'll see that it's a question that has been covered multiple times. Anyway, welcome to Tonmo.:welcome:
:welcome: If you can go 50 or a bit bigger, tank-raised bimacs are your best bet. Most of the octos that do well we recommend 50 or 55 gal or higher. The dwarf species that can live in smaller tanks tend to be nocturnal and short-lived.
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