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new to octopi and have a tank idea


Sep 4, 2006
ok so i read all the articles on here and they helped to answer alot of questions but i still have some questions and ideas
here is my idea:

50-80 gallon tank drilled with 5 holes: 2 overflow holes about 3 inches down from the water level fitted with strainers small enough that the octo's beak cant fit through it (i heard this is the sizing rule) and then 3 holes for return fitted the same way

20-30 gallon sump(maybe bigger whats a good size?) with room for the skimmer,return pump, filter sock,and heater (anything else>?)

coralife super skimmer 125/220(thinking on the higher side)

return pump to make the tank have about 15x turn over(is this enough/to much)

the tank will have tons of decoratons and little play toys and such and a shallow bed of live sand and a tight lid aso i will just have some regular NO florecent lights unless im allowed to have corals (zoas only but that can change if others are allowed) then ill probably have T5's or MH

how does this whole system sound? thanks for looking
Someone, I don't know if it was Dan, or on ReefCentral tryed using holes with strainers and had problems with draining speed. I remember a really nice article with photos of the different generations as the idea progressed from strainers to open slots with foam filling to ditching the whole idea.

Everything looks good to me. Most people here don't push the high flow rate thing like the article you read. (I read it too.) I set mine up for 10x a hour and everything seems fine, but I havent got my octo yet. :wink:
Wasn't me.

I think holes with strainers could work, it might just take a bit of planning to make sure you can support enough flow. This is how most LFS rig their tanks.

The big problem is having the holes three inches below the water level because that defines the volume of water that will drain into the sump. 3 inches of water in the display might translate to 12 inches in the sump! On top of that, I think there would be practical issues keeping the water level where you want it with the pump on. This is re-inventing the wheel: its long been known the best place for a drain is as an overflow because this defines the water level.


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