new technology for recording depths where colossals located

no worries...just a general request...not aimed at anyone in particular.... as for squid, giant or otherwise, you gotta keep in mind that some people, probably including some of those holding the purse strings have one of two reactions to squid (or cephs in general) 1) ewwww... which can be overcome when a little learning or 2) so what? which is usually VERY hard to get a person to change their position....
tomossan said:
they are immensly ill tempered, and have been known to attack anything, including but not limited to blue whales.

... They who? Colossal squid? We suggest they may defend themselves marginally against sperm whales, their natural predator, but are highly unlikely to initiate aggressive encounters with either toothed or baleen whales.
I hope everyone is a happy little camper on this thread :alarm:

I don't think we'll be waiting long before someone embarks on a search for this 'colossal squid', so keep up the posts and let the imagination go wild.

They could be watching you on the set of Lord of the Rings 12 (when they run out of hobbit stories and need something new).
:smile: of course a collosal squid on its own would have to be ferocious; fighting sperm whales all day, and, lets face it, usually losing, would turn any creature ferocious... if it survived that is :smile:
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