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new tank


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 2, 2005
i got a new 55 gal tank for christmas. it has 2-3 inces of live sand, 11 lbs of live rock, a biowheel 330, and a chocolate chip star.

1. is this tank ok for a bimac, im going to add more live rock and a protien skimmer

2. how much more live rock will i need

3. is the choc. chip star ok

4. is there anything else i need to know

and i have 30 watts of regular flourecent lighting


Dec 19, 2005
You may want to put some PVC piping in there. They like to have lots of places to hide. Maybe a baby toy? I never tried it, but everyone that does gets good results. The Choclate Chip Starfish should be OK. Octo's dont eat Starfish from my understanding. The lighting you have will be fine. Octos dont like strong lighting.

Do you know how to take care of an Octo? Do you know how to feed them? Do you know what water paremeters they need? Do you know when to do waterchanges, and how to do them? You need first-hand saltwater aquarium experience to keep an Octo. You cant just buy one. Try reading the articles here on keeping Octos. Hope this helps!


Jul 10, 2005
Well, you should have at least have 0.5 pounds per gallon of live rock, but as you say you are getting some more.
I would imagine the starfish is fine - I dont know if an octo would eat it? (But its not going to kill your octo anyways.). These things get big though - 40cms across, and will eat corals.

I had a look at the filter - I dont know much about biowheels, but it looks like you would want a skimmer too. I would think that more live rock would be beneficial (ie perhaps 0.75 - 1 pound per gallon) to help with filtration. Maybe someone else can comment on whether that filter is large enough?


Dec 22, 2004
My first inclination would be to say that no powerfilter, even with the wheels, is going to be enough. Go for a wet/dry, it will give you a place to put your skimmer.



Blue Ring
Jun 5, 2005
get a sump

Make sure you get a sump, they are the best way to control the water chemistry. It is a good place to top off for evaporation rather than dump De-I water directly into the tank, you can do your power filtering and protein skimming there and also it can serve as a refugium for any live food you would like to keep. It also reduces escape points for any Houdini-pusses by reducing tank penetrations. Remember that baby octos and cuttles will only accept live food and you don't want your whole supply in the tank with the octo or he will have a thanksgiving feast and then you will have to run out to get some more rather than doling it out in a controlled manner.

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