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new tank, need advice


Sep 30, 2003
I am going to set up a 55 gal tank and plan to order a bimac from fish supply when the tank is ready.

i wanted to use that powder like white sand for substrate im not sure what its called, is there any down side to using this vs the live "beach" type sand other than faster cycling due to already cultured sand?
Hi rc,

I'm having some terminolgy problems here - I've been looking very carefully at my nearby LFSs at how sands are labeled, since I'm in the market, too.

I've found nothing like a powder - just fine grained white sand. Available as live sand or not. Also as aragonite in sugar sized grains. What is beach-type sand? I thought it was the same as the fine grained sand. Can you give a bit more information?

It shouldn't be necessary to buy live sand if you're adding live rock, but it doesn't hurt.

i will have to go and see exaclty what they call it, i know its not available as live sand, its more of a decorative sand, its bright white.

ive never used it before because it doesnt look good with the reef since it is so white instead of the typical honey colored sand youd expect to see, and ive always had eels in my predetor tanks, i was told that this sand was to light to put in with the eels since they would always be disburbing it would take to long to settle

this whate sand looks a lot like suger, but even finer.

Sounds like a silica sand - probably silver (sharp, angular, non-porous)
Are not the reef sands better because they are carbonate based, porous, coarser (For pH balance/calcium source, bacterial supporting, and quick settling respectively)?
i ended buying it, i wanted 3 bags but they only had two, so i set up the tank with the 2 bags and will return next week for the third.

the bag says Marine sand and thats the only description, the manufacture name on the bag says CaribSea, ft pierce fl its about $19 for a 20lbs bag

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