New Star


Aug 3, 2007
Just thought I would post a couple of pics of the new star I introduced to my tank yesterday-I am still 2 months off from my octo :frown: Anyway, I have him, the 30-90 gal reef crew that I recieved from, and the LR I got from Dan. It is fascinating watching this stuff interact and I cant wait to see the same from the octo.


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The lfs labeled it as a sand star, I dont know much about it but from reading threads on here it seems like he would be a good co-inhabitant with my future octo resident.
They only feed on micro algae, micro organisms, and detritus.
They spend most of their time under the sand, keeping your substrate from getting clogged and junk from building up on the surface, pretty beneficial creature. I'm surprised to see it on the glass. You might want to add some plankton of sorts to your tank. They don't tend to do well in new tanks since it's a pretty clean environment, but it might not have a problem if you feed the tank. I have one in the tank I keep at work. They have a reputation for not being very long lived in captivity unfortunately, due to lack of microfauna.

You might do some more research on it on other forums like Reefcentral and
TYVM Animal Mother, the only reason he was on the glass was that when I introduced him to the tank I put him there so I didnt have to reach all the way in the tank but yet not have him fall-so I put him on the glass and he stayed. Right now he is mostly buried in the sand.
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