New Squid Fiction


Jun 13, 2009
I wanted to let you know about a new piece of short squid fiction you might be interested in. A Man of Kiri Maru by Laura L. Sullivan (that’s me!) appears in the current issue of GUD Magazine. A scientist on the hunt for giant squid is distracted by a more intimate encounter with Humboldt squid. It’s very sexy, a little scary and mostly scientifically accurate. Though I never joined until now, I made use of the wonderful TONMO site and forums for research. Thanks to all of you for the wealth of information you have made available!

You can order A Man of Kiri Maru at, either just that story or the entire issue, in print or pdf. There’s a really exciting mix of literary and speculative fiction, as well as artwork, in the whole issue. If you like it, drop them (or me) a line.

Thanks again to all of you for this site, and I’ll be back for my next cephalopod-related fiction, which will probably feature squid of the Mediterranean and Adriatic.


Laura L. Sullivan

Under the Green Hill – Holt 2010
Guardian of the Green Hill – Holt 2011