Octopus Intelligence and Superpowers Make Great Fiction I hope.

Tui Allen

Jun 1, 2019
New Zealand
I'm a fiction author, new to this site, and currently just turned to writing about octopuses. They make great characters because, with their intelligence and other superpowers, they come already supplied with all you need for great fiction. All I have to do is dream up what's going on inside their minds. Reading "The Soul of an Octopus" by Sy Montgomery has been of huge assistance to me. Exploring this site is also helping me to get to know my characters. I've written my first pure octopus story, but not published it yet. However, octopuses have been minor characters in my previous work. Ultimately, I hope that my work will change human attitudes to these amazing beings and encourage humanity to stop eating them and start respecting them instead. Most of the proceeds of my dolphin story Ripple, were donated to Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
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