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Feb 16, 2008
My octopus which I have had for about three weeks now does not come out when the lights are on and I wanted to know if leaving the moon lights on at night would prevent him from coming out and feeding or if it would help him to get used to the light. Also I have a green star brittle that I am getting rid of today after reading that they are not good to keep with an octo. Do you think that having the star brittle could also be a reason to why he will not come out? Also he has only eaten three hermit crabs since I have gotten him, is that enough food for him? Thanks for any help that you can offer.
some species seem to think moon lights are pretty bright... there's been more success with red lighting, but it seems to depend on the species. It's not too unusual for a new octopus to be very shy, so being patient is the most important advice, but cutting back on the light might be helpful for your octo to get more comfortable.
im not sure what species it is. I posted a picture in the ID forum but I have not really got a definite answer yet. Dwarf ID? I need to try to get a better picture. Im going to try to get some fiddler crabs today if I can find some that are small enough. The octopus is only about the size of a silver dollar all spread out maybe a little smaller. Im not sure if it is nocturnal or not but it was out and about at the lfs but that may have been because of the lack of hiding places, but im not sure and of course they do not know what kind it is.

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