New Octy

Thales said:
Very nice!

I'll be picking up a similar container soon!

Cool! I only closed it halfway..enough for it to be tight where it require some effort. When those things are fully clsoed, sometimes I cant even open them unless I smash it on the table..

Lets see your octo put those 5 legs to use!!
I like the video a lot. I think this is the first...or second of showing an octopus opening up a container with food in it, but its definately one of the best moments to capture because it captures why octopuses are so intelligent...and thats because they display a sense of learning.
joefish84;77439 said:
now u need to teach it to put the scraps back in there and close it so that it doesnt mess up your water and its easy clean up!

Hah! I just got back from Japan today and noticed how many crab shells , have built up! Yes, a tank cleaning octo would be very nice.. The auto-top off, pump feeding the octo section, and my pump to the skimmer were all unplugged!! The octo wasnt looking to hot, but he seems fine now, but I think thats the last time I leave my tank in the care of just a roomate with no serious aquarium knowledge.

The species is aculeatus octopus, which does seem to be a common species available at wholesellers in the San Francisco bay area. This particular one was hand picked from Thales (The cephalophile formally known as Righty).
So I just had to catch my Octopus from under the bed....

I just got home from the gym and walked into my room and I noticed some dried water marks on the side of the tank. I just cleaned it this morning and thought that was strange. I did a quick check in all the spots and noticed that the octopus was missing. Then I noticed the lid of the tank pushed up about a 1/2 inch, even though it fits very tight and had a wooden chinese stool sitting on top of it!!

After frantically looking around and checking the cats, my girlfriend spotted him by the bed curled up. It took me a bit to grab him (with a coffee maker) and put him back in. He inked a lot and was covered with hair and holding a quarter, but he seems alright now..

It was a big scare and made me realise I need to secure the tank a lot more and vacuum my floor! The guy must be really strong though to do what he did. Maybe I should stop feeding him crabs in little containers because hes getting too smart!
At least there's a happy ending!

I had an african clawed frog growing up. We'd find the hopping furball in every corner of the house!


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