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New Octopus!!

Jan 3, 2006
Hey guys I just got the octo in from Tom's on friday! he is a briareus. pretty big for a three month old! he acclimated fine. he ate one of the damsels that i had in the tank. so far no signs of copper poisoning so i think he'll be fine. he plays with the frozen shrimp i do give him. he peels it, nibbles it, carries it around with him for awhile, then leaves it somewhere. When i left he was making his den. he comes out when i have the moonlights on so i can see him. pretty awsome so far!! tell me what you think!
Congratulations on your new octopus! When you name him, I'll add him to the List of Our Octopuses.

Now that he's acclimated, he'd probably like some quiet time - try leaving him alone for a while so he gets to know his new environment and doesn't ink.

I assume you have a protein skimmer to help remove the ink. If he isn't too large, there shouldn't be too much ink.

Briareus is a good species to keep - I didn't realize Tom was supplying them this time of the year. Can you estimate the mantle length?

yeah, congrats on the new Octo! I just got mine in about a week ago, and I know how it feels! I was so excited. I got everything ready for him the night before (acclimating wise). lol.
Congrats also! I had an octopus that used to continuously ink. Never seemed to suffer ill affects and of course I had a bubblefilter full of carbon and a protein skimmer. He was just very skittish. Only one out of 9 that ever did this pretty much on a regular basis.
I like briareus a lot. They look cool. Maybe you should post some pictures, and we could help you name him! Congrats! :octopus:

hey guys haven't been in touch lately. this guy is fascinating. haven't named him yet. but wow he's awsome. he's been out and about in the tank. curious little guy....it's amazing how fast and how accurately they can change colors. so far he has been perfectly content with frozen shrimp. ive even started putting his food in a plastic water bottle!
oceanbound;79342 said:
and his name shall be.............crayola!! haha. stupid i know...but original. now i can finally be on the octopus list. YEAH! :mrgreen:

Lol, actually I think it sounds original and unique for an octopus simply because Crayola is a company that manufactures crayons of course...and octopuses camoulflage by changing their color repetitively throughout the day...their just colorful creatures, lol. Plus, the name sounds suitable AS a name to me...sounds like some type of coral down in the ocean if you take your mind off the crayons.

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