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New octo


Blue Ring
Nov 28, 2006
Unfortunately the octo I received 3 or 4 weeks or so died. I know for a fact it was eating fiddlers and looked healthy up until I found it dead.

On a more positive note, I recently got another octo. It is much smaller at maybe 3" tip-tip. It's mantle/arm ratio is much larger (legs aren't as long) than the last one. I have no idea on the ID but I will try to get pics up once work slows down a bit.

Anyway, the new little guy has been very personable! I was worried it was a dwarf but based on its behavior alone, I don't think it is. He is already taking food from me directly and is ALWAYS watching me from his shell. He will bat at the tongs if I come close to his shell.

I have caught him imitating a hermit crab climbing on liverock (he was shaking and balled up moving down the rock). Sorry if I accidentally start using he/she, it's a bad habit.

It will also kill fiddlers and stash them outside the shell. I know he is eating them, but it's at his pace. He will always have atleast one dead one there and if I try to take them out he bats at the tool. I think he's upset he can't jam them into his shell, because I've caught him trying it 2 different times. The fiddlers are just as big, if not bigger than him but he has no trouble handling them!

Sorry for the novel but it has been a while since I left an update. Plus my new octo has so much attitude!
I don't have a name yet. It is a very active little guy though. I went to a fresh seafood store (rare where I'm located) today and got a couple mussles and fresh shrimp to give him. The mussles are bigger than him but I'm anxious to see how long it takes for him to figure it out.

I will try to get some pics up next week. I am a terrible photographer but I'll wing it.
Hi and welcome to your new octopus!

You may need to crack open the mussel. We have noticed that many of the octopuses have trouble with the larger mussels and clams from out seafood stores. Maybe they select smaller ones when they are living in the ocean.

Yeah, I read that previously somewhere on this forum. I cracked it and stuck it in the tank an hour or so ago. Unfortunately the little turd ignored it and snagged a fiddler instead. I will leave it overnight and see if he atleast messes with it.
Below are a couple cruddy pics of Wes (Wes Mantooth sticking with my theme). I was watching my little guy tonight and didn't think to snap pics until it was too late. First I was trying to feed him some shrimp by hand and he wasn't taking it. I held it there for a while and a couple mollies in the tank started feeding on it (as usual, they follow my hand). Wes would wait until the the mollies were nice and comfortable eating and then reach out and snag one. He didn't get any but I didn't wait all that long.

Then he left his shell and hunted down a large fiddler crab (you can see the crab in the pics). The fiddler was atleast the size of Wes but he doesn't care. He imitates a hermit sneaking up on the fiddlers. His mantle comes to a point and the top half turns white like the hermit shells. It is quite amazing!

The pics aren't too good but I really struggle taking them. I didn't think to snap any while he was in the hunt as I didn't want to miss it. You can see him trying to jam the fiddler into his shell. Any ID efforts would help but I realize it will be nearly impossible with these pics.






More pics

Alright, I caught Wes imitating a hermit. The pics are not that good but you will get the idea. I will try to post them in order to show the change.



Without flash from here on:




Sorry for the lack of focus.
I don't have any idea on the ID. I am open for any thoughts on this guy's ID however. He is pretty small right now, only 3-4" in total length. He is incredibly active though so I don't think it is a dwarf. He is never totally in hiding; when he's not hunting he keeps his entire mantle out of his shell just watching me.

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