New Mom please help


Feb 24, 2005
I bought my boyfriend an octo for christmas because he has always wanted one and come to find out Squishy is a she!! We were so surprised because we believed that octos layed the eggs and a male had to fertilize them in order for them to hatch but two days ago tiny squishy came out of the cave and are now zipping around the tank. The only problem is that they are tiny, there about a mm long. The store i bought it from says it is a common brown octo and i tried taking pics of it but she keeps hidding in her castle. I dont know how to take care of the babies or the mom. I know she will probably die soon and we are both sad but i guess that is octo life. Please if anyone has any ideas on what to feed them and to take care of them i would sure love the advice.
Hi and welcome to - both you and Squishy!

Squishy must have encountered a male before she came to you - the females can store the sperm until they are ready to lay eggs.

Octopuses have very short lifespans so we have to appreciate them while they are here. Squishy most likely won't live much longer -but there are exceptions, too. Keep feeding her. If she's still in her castle, make sure you offer her food where she can reach it. Most likely she will lose interest in staying in her den, if she makes it much further.

You have hatchlings from small eggs, which are amost impossible to feed and keep. (Some octos lay large eggs and their hatchlings can eat mysid shrimp, amphipods and other food which is possible to procure.)

Sorry I don't have better news,

:welcome: - Glad that your octo has babies.
I'm not sure what tiny babies eat since I'm not expert (Obviously, since not even Nancy can answer you at this moment.) I'll e-mail my local aquarium for some info...
Thanks so much for the info. Squishy isnt eating still but we arent giving up just yet. We put some frozen brine shrimp cubes into the water and some of the babies did eat so hopefully that is good news. We are trying to be as optomistic as possible but they are so tiny. We are going to separate some of the babies and i will be bringing some home with me and i hope at least one survives.
Sorry to say but brine shrimp isn't the best food for octo's, they can stunt octopus growth possibly due to the lack of nutritional value? Try frozen mysis or amphipods instead, they're better options... Good Luck :wink:
If you get REALLY stuck enriched brine shrimp nauplii may do to tide you over. Hatch the brine shrimp (sea monkeys) and feed the squirtlings within 12 hrs of the brineys hatching OR enrich them with vitamin solutions (such as selcon.......check for copper though, it MUST NOT be present in any concentration!). Other than that keep on with the mysid blocks and good luck.


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