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Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Well, my kittens are 5 weeks old today! My daughtor has claimed one as Grace so I quess this is the one that's staying!!! They are really getting into alot now! Great to watch them play! 2 more weeks or so and I can have my bathroom back!!!!! :smile:

The one shot, of the kitten rolled up on the floor, it was in such a heavy sleep, it rolled off the teddybear it was sleeping on and continued sleeping!!

Hi Carol,

The Kittens are gorgeous! Grace has lovely markings!

This is the reason I don't breed animals (in my case English Cocker Spaniels!) I'd NEVER be able to let the pups go to new homes! I can just see me knee deep in pups (& other "stuff"!) :roll:

Good luck with regaining your bathroom!

Hi Jean!

Yes I know what you mean!! My house is overflowing with creatures right now! I need to cut back or move!!! Movings not an option right now so I need to cut back!! My kids love it though! And I must say I am NEVER alone in any room in this house!!!!

Yes the kittens are going to be a tough call with homes!!! I am partial to a black & white one! It attacks my feet when I am getting dressed for work in the moring! Plus it's the one that was born with one eye open!

Could be trouble!!! Me a non- cat person, may end up with 5 :shock:!!!!


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