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Pygmy Octopus
Mar 9, 2003
Hey All, I wanted to show you a pic of my recent pet. I think it is a she.
This is my first Octopus and I am impressed about how smart they are.
We farm organic marine shrimp for the sushi industry.
I have been giving her the marine shrimp we grow here on our farm and she is eating them like candy.
She has not shown any sign of being bored with the same feed.
We feed the shrimp cyclop-eeze, newly hatched brine shrimp and spirulina.
I have new shrimp growing in the tanks now and in about 2 more weeks they will be a decent size.
I am a known shipper for the Airlines. If any of you are having problems finding good feed or just want to try live marine feed, I will air-freight you as much as you want for cheap.
Keeping them temporary is not too bad, they require a reef quality environment with no chemicals. a 40 or bigger tank is good enough for stocking.
btw, thanks to the person that came over and took this picture today for me.
Nice big bimac there George :smile:

I'm sure that plenty people would take you up on your cheap shrimp offer :smile:

Ummmm...(thoughtful tapping...)

My feeder tank is a 12 gal Eclipse, freshwater at the moment...not really suitable for stocking, it would seem...but...

Could you tell us a bit more about these shrimp of yours? Such as, how many can be safely kept in a 40 gallon? How big are they? You set my wheels turning...see, my LFS doesn't really HAVE anything that could be considered a saltwater feeder. They typically offer ghost shrimp, mollys and other semi salt-tolerant freshwater critters as saltwater food. I'll bet they wouldn't mind stocking something truly saltwater, especially since I would be a guaranteed regular customer! :P I could then convert the Eclipse to saltwater, stock a short-term supply there, and make trips to the LFS as needed. Being organic is a major plus for the ceph's health, too.

Ok, since you asked, the shrimp live at 1.024 to 25. They are from South America. The common name is White shrimp.
They are USDA inspected with farm issued certificate of health for disease free stock.
Righ now we have small size of 1/2 to 3/4 inch and the diameter of a strand of spaghetti. These are post larvae 30 days old.
Each week, they will be a bit bigger and will grow untill they reach 4 to 5 inches long and the diameter of a large mans thumb.
At that time, we sell them live for Sushi and eat them ourselves.
I have about 100,000 of them right now so not to overload the system and will have about a million or two over the course of the year. This will allow us to have several sizes most of the year.
A 40 gallon well filtered will safely keep 100 medium 3 inch shrimp or 1,000 to 2,000 small 1 inch shrimp. They like warm water about 25C.
They can be fed flake food in their captive environment small amounts two or three times a day.
Since our Sushi customers have strict guidelines for quality, we never use chemicals or hormones and the shrimp are grown in natural seawater we truck in from the pacific. Our farm runs on zero ammonia, Nitrates and nitrites. We use a 500 gallon refugium for partial filtration.
I have the resources to be able to air ship from 1 to 100 pounds of freight in the US to any major airport from 45 to 65 bucks shipping.
Fed Ex wants 40 bucks for 12 pounds alone.
Don't know if I could ship air freight to UK, but worth looking into.
Here is a pic of the kind of shrimp we grow.
Stay tuned on this Manny, am working out some logistics with George to bring his shrimp to visitors so we can handle such orders en masse.
Looks like we're ready to roll this out. I'll post it here first. The online store will improve, but it is now functional and your orders WILL be processed as indicated! LIVE SHRIMP in brand new, natural sea water

The relevant info can be found there. Note that the medium shrimp won't be available for perhaps up to 2 weeks from now, and jumbos will be later. But the smalls (1/2 inch - 3/4 inch) are available for ordering now.

Get 'em while they're hot! :smile: :twocents:

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