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New Fish Tank...Finally!!!

Dec 14, 2007
I’m finally getting a fish tank :grin:. I should be able to get any tank 40 gallons of smaller that is already cycled through a reliable tank trade type network that is in my area. I understand that you have to be patient and take your time with this stuff and that it can take quite some time. I don’t want a tank with cephs or corals, maybe an anemone if I get clown fish, but that’s it apart from live rock. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share what type of fish that they keep in their tank so I can get some ideas on what to keep. I’m viewing this as a starter tank, and hope to graduate to cuttlefish in a different tank this summer; I just want to get my bearings.

Im also would like to hear any comments or suggestions.

P.S. on of my favorite salt water animals are blue ribbon eels, clowns, and frog fish
Hey man, you can always go with the old reliable damsels! But if you want to go crazy, I am a huge fan of puffers they're not that hard to keep and they're really fun. A word of warning though don't get a poisonous species and DON'T make them puff, it is a huge stress and causes early death.
You could definitely keep a clownfish, they are relatively easy. I would stay away from damsel fish as they are often aggressive (and hard to remove from the tank :roll:). I wouldn't recommend a frogfish until you have some experience, you would be really sad if it died. My former cuttlefish tank has a clownfish and a small blenny. I hardly ever see the blenny, but the clownfish pops out of the live rock any time I am near the tank. You could also get some type of cleaner shrimp, they are fun to watch.
Congratulations on your tank. Frogfish and Ribbon Eels are great, but yeah, not for a first sw fish. They are not unlike cephs in the way of feeding... typically hard to ween off of live foods. I have 2 frogfish right now, and while they do eat frozen/thawed items, my A. pictus is still hesitant to eat off the end of a stick after about two and a half months. My A. hispidus however eats like crazy. I've read several times that Ribbon Eels are among the hardest sw fish to keep, unless you can get them to eat dead foods. But yes, absolutely gorgeous creatures.

If you decide to go with an anemone, you're going to need to invest in some high-power lighting. T-5's or metal halides are a must. They require just as stable water conditions as a coral/reef tank though.

Gobies, Blennies, and Clowns are great "starter" fish.
I think an anemone would be a bad idea for a first sw tank, since they sometimes sting other corals and fish and require strong lighting. You would be better off getting a hairy mushroom, a colt coral, or some other coral that the clownfish might host. Try to steer away from Maroon, or Tomato clownfish because they can get pretty aggressive.
i strongly advise against ever getting a blue ribbon eel, for the most part they do not do well in captivity and you may just end up killing the animal but you have other options ghost ribbin eel wich is a very hardy fish and is also very nice looking.. Keep in mind that black ribbin eels and blue ribbin eels are the same

My tanks usualy have alot of lion fish eels ect. nice agressive fish ;) for a small tank like 40 gal you could have some dwarf lions. the dwarf fuzzy is a good begginner fish
I'm not sure I would recommend a lion fish for a starter tank. For one thing, you want to learn how to clean the tank, and chances are, you will be sticking your hand in the tank every time you drop something into the tank by mistake. Also I wouldn't recommend mixing a clown fish and a lion fish since the clown will likely become lunch.
tread head;108165 said:
would it still be a problem if the clown had an anemone to hide in?

The clown won't always hide in the anemone (like when it is coming to the surface to feed). Lion fish are predatory fish, feeding on live food. A clown fish is just another type of food for the lion fish.
maybe not but it would probably stress the clown out constantly being around a predator. I recommend you start with less aggressive fish and if you feel you really want a lion fish you can trade in your setup or start a new one for more aggressive things like lion fish and eels.
Fuzzy Dwarf Lions have a pretty good reputation for being relatively peaceful community fish. I kept one myself in my community tank and it never once harrassed my Neon Goby or tiny Yellow Clown Goby. Both could have easily been lunch. Then again, upon the introduction of the dwarf lion to the tank, my Rainfords Goby hid and never came out, and eventually starved. Zeke (the fuzzy dwarf)had tons of personality. Lost everyone to a $15 Coral Beauty I couldn't pass up... it brought Ich into the tank. QUARANTINE for fish new fish is a must. Definitely an advantage for ceph keeping.

If you do decided to add anything that has a potentially predatory nature, add it last. If all the other fish have established territories they will be less likely to be bullied around.
i was in the same boat a few months ago and i went with a sharpnose puffer. theyre hardy, ridiculously cute and very personable. i definitely reccommend'em!

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