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[New Feature]: OCTO Database!


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May 30, 2000
TONMO.com is pleased to announce the launch of the Octopus and Cephalopod Tank Owners (OCTO) Database. You can access it here:

OCTO Database

Everyone is free to search or browse the database. If you are a TONMO.com member and own an octopus or cephalopod tank, you can add in your tank specifications, along with descriptions of its inhabitants. There's even a "Pet Memorial" section to provide information on pets that passed away.

Thanks to the TONMO.com Staff (Colin, Nancy, Tintenfisch and Steve O'Shea) for their input on this application and their assistance with testing. I'm confident this will be a valuable resource for all owners of cephalopods.

I hope you enjoy this new feature!
Uhmm Hey:

I've noticed that when I add additional occupants to the OCTO database. It automatically lists them as memorials. :shock:

With some of the inhabitants that is probably appropos (the shrimp named snack for instance). Just wondering if this was a glitch in the system. Thanks

Thanks Lawfish -- a glitch indeed! I believe this is now fixed. Now onto fixing a problem where a tank added to the "USA: East" region somehow got listed separately in the Browse by Region section.

Thanks --

[updated 3/31: The "USA: East" glitch is now fixed as well... :wink2: ]

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