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May 3, 2010
Just got a call a little while ago from Tanks-A-Lot(My LFS) saying my S.Bandensis eggs were so i quickly rushed to the store to get them. He bought 8 total, and i purchased 3 of them.(He can get them any time in case someone would like me to aquire some for you) There is another local who bought 3 of them, and i think he's going to keep the others for display ro future sales. Anyways, just got them home, bag acclimating them now! I was soo excited i flipped off the radio in the car for fear of radio waves or something interfering with the soon-to-be-hatchlings:P Just took a few shots, going to post pics later!
I'm using a 20gallon high with a simple HoB Marineland filter rated for 30gallons....Rio Nano Skimmer, and a marineland fully submersable heater. Don't have breeder nets set up, but i have some sort of plastic guppy breeder thing that's 50x their size!:P Bag acclimater for around 30mins or so, just put them into the breeder deal.

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