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New cuttlefish owner questions


Oct 3, 2006
1) Right now I am feeding live grass shrimp, how often should I feed him? How many shrimp should he eat in a week?

2) Does anyone have a personal experience of their cuttlefish being weened onto any type of frozen food?

3) He likes to perch on rocks and stuff a lot. Hoovers around only a few times a day when there is no food in the tank. Is this normal.

These are the only questions I have, I have read a lot on these guys, have kept an octopus before, and have kept every type of coral you can think of successfully for several years now. I just say that so you know I am not a newbie, just newbie to this species (he is a Sepia bandensis by the way). Thanks.
Congratulations! How big is he/she? Mine eat breakfast and dinner. I feed live shore shrimp and frozen (defrosted) krill. Please try to find some salt water food for your little guy. Freshwater shrimp do not have the same nutritional value as saltwater shrimp. I get mine from Aquaculturestore.com. Good luck!
His mantle is a little bigger than my thumb. I have him eating frozen now, so that is good for my wallet. He doesnt move around much though. He kinda just perchers on the rock work and blends in. I have seen him swimming in the water column only like 2 times. Is this bad? I have had him for over a week now and he seems overall healthy.
Yup, I live in Philly. I got him from a LFS here in Philly. I know the manager, and he has been trying to get them for years, but he says they either never come in, or a few times have come in dead. He was $60 and was eating live the first day he was in the tank at the store. He ate frozen after 3 days here at home. He said he orders them as "assorted cuttlefish." As far as I can tell, from the research I have done, he is a bandensis, and I am not saying that because of his size. I have seen live officinalis before, and he is defintely not one of those. Why do you ask? Another LFS owner I know was surprised that I got a bandensis too?
I just looked up grass shrimp, and they are saltwater crustaceans. So they should be fine.

(Not to be confused with glass shrimp, which are freshwater!)

We want pictures!!! :biggrin2: My bandensis can eat 5-10 live shrimp a day (Palaemonetes vulgaris, common shore shrimp). If I don't have any live food, they will eat 4-5 krill in a day. Mine are about 6 months old and are about 1 1/2 inch mantle length.

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