new cuttle on the way


Sep 30, 2003
i ordered a cuttle from octopets today, it should arrive tomorrow

i finally decided to try another ceph, after may last octo died (spot) i decided not to go through that again but i cant resist the opportunity to get a cuttle
hadnt had time to post, my cuttle arrived safe and sound yesterday, i acclimated him for about an hour he didnt ink at all even when i walk up to the tank he just swims slowly backwards into a crevice between the rocks
hes already eating, i put some ghost shrimp in there yesterday and he ate them all
so far so good, now i just have to think of a name
i havent been able to get any good pics, he wont stay still all pics come out blury but as soon as i get one ill post
the red things are mushrooms, they grow like weeds in my reef tank so instead of throwing them away i figured i would see how they do under low light
Very nice...I wasn't sure if they were some sort of elkhorn or what! I have only had luck with the green and brown varieties...way to go!
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