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Mar 15, 2003
Shanlyn and I have made a habit lately of playing a nightly game of chess with a glass of wine...and decided that our old chessboard was just a little too "un-cephy", so here is our new one in progress...watercolour over plaster over board...lots of $%^&* dots to go! Of course, she wanted a "grecian" feel to it, like a tile mosaic. (at first, she wanted an actual tile mosaic board...I explained how much I would have to charge her for that, and she settled for the painted variety! :biggrin2: )
Don't worry...I will post only the pg version here !
Hey, cool, Steve and I kicked around an idea for a marine chess-set... we thought invertebrates vs. vertebrates (you know, Meso or Archi king, Haliphron queen, some p(r)awns, jellyfish bishops and the like... vs. sperm whale king, maybe turtle queen, with seahorse knights and stuff). Still might someday... that's what Fimo's for, after all...

Greg, it's beautiful. You've outclassed us all again! As a kid, I "helped" my father make a big chess board, but it was nothing like that! Just a big piece of plywood with a grid, and I got to put some of the stain on the black squares. Hardly a work of art. :lol:

Hey, as long as you stayed within the lines... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yep, I am going to sculpt the pieces also...just a derivative of the classic Staunton pieces though...any thoughts or inspirations are more than welcome!
Just finished dotting the octo...will post more pics tomorrow!
For the pieces howabout mermaids versus the cephs? Just like the chess board. Would it be confusing to see which is a "black" or "white" square? Nice work Greg
I like that idea...hmmm...lots of sketching to do!
LOL about the Neil/Zappa bit...I guess I could make either Um or Dr. SOS the queen piece? :biggrin2:
thats well cool :biggrin2:

takes the mick outta my chessboard i once made at uni with a huge rug and a million bottles of wine, which i had to make little heads for so we could tell what the peices were!! :lol:

funny, it was all on a very hung over sunday when i decided to do sumthin constructive! took me all day :lol: :lol:
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