New bimac


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

Just wanted to tell readers that I have a new bicmac, Ollie (see pic). He (or she) arrived last Wednesday.

I ordered from FishSupply and was very impressed with their service. We opened the box to find a lively little octopus swimming vigorously around and he made himself at home in his new aquarium. Jack even called to make sure everything was OK.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about Ollie and seeing lots of my photographic efforts.

Hi Nancy!

Congratulations!!!! Ollie is adorable! Maybe I should stop waiting and just order from Fish Supply! I miss Hermin! Only problem is I work which is why I thought it would be better to wait till one was in, I could pick up!

Anyway good luck with him!!!

Hi all,

Here's another photo of Ollie. (Ollie is just to the left of the light gray rock in the center. You can see his eye clearly.)

He's certainly fun to watch!

Ollie doesn't seem to notice the flash on the camera at all.


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