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I got a good deal on an AquaC Remora, so I am going with that, my only other option was CSS65, which is too small. I am also going to get a canister filter.
OK, guys. I deleted a couple of posts to keep this thread on track and constructive.

Zeus, it's great that you have come to TONMO for advice on the best way to get your tank set up in the limited time you have. You are getting some good responses from people who are willing to share their experience and help you out, but there are also probably a lot of experienced keepers watching this thread and not saying anything because they read 'BTW I am getting one in 2 weeks no matter what, so try and help me prepare, rather than saying I can't do it, help me do it' and either don't think you will listen to their advice or don't think that the short set-up time will be successful, no matter what good advice you get and follow.

The reason people on this thread keep saying that you should cycle your tank for longer is partly because they are hoping you will be able to delay getting your octopus, but also partly because we get new or potential ceph keepers here all the time looking for advice, and we do not want to encourage them to do things the way you are planning to do this. That doesn't mean you won't be successful, and the combined experience of your uncle and those offering you advice here probably gives you the best chance you can have. But, overall, most people starting in this hobby don't have your uncle's experienced input to help them, so we have to stress to others who read this thread later that this is not the way we recommend doing it.

Best of luck.
Sorry, didn't think I was doing anything out of line. Well, I am just working with the situation, and instead of people ragging on me, which I said not to do, I was hoping they could help me prepare, like for example: "When you transfer the filter media, try and keep it in water the whole time". This is a bad example, but I don't feel the need to thtink of a good one. lol. Advice for once I do get it is good too.

Congrats on entering the word of Octopus lovers. They are wonderful and while it may not be a popular oppinion here I say that enough live rock and sand plus the bio beads from your existing aquarium should put you way ahead of the game. I just set up an aquarium two months ago and the water has tested well each and every week. Years ago you had to set up your aquarium and wait, but that was due to a lack of available live rock and live sand.

Anyway I would like to welcome you. I think sometimes people are too quick to jump in and be negative. Obviously we all want to do well by our aquatic friends or we wouldn't visit a site like this. I thought we learned that lesson a few weeks ago with Dan. Thanks for sticking around I think there is something we can all learn from each other.
No one ragged on you. They just didn't tell you what you wanted to hear.

The certainty of the octopuses good health should come before your desire to own one. That's all everyone is getting at.

Good luck.
lol, you guys are getting me lost here!

hey so I think that you were just kind of ignoring some valuable information back there btw.

Anybody who didn't aggree with you was told that they were "ragging"
on you which is not true they just dont aggree with your method.

I believe the method overall is a little sketchy, and being around your age I can relate to being imaptient for something like an octopus since recently I was forced to let one go due to my bad preperation.

But at least I accepted the views of the other people and realized I had to let it go instead of saying "ok, im keeping him NO MATTER WHAT! so dont try and stop me just help me keep him alive!"

hope that helped...

It's just that I know I can do it. If it doesn't work out I have multiple places to donate it, so its not certain death. If it doesn't work out, it will go to my marine bio class.
I made the mistake of going against everyone's advice...thinking I knew it all.

My octopus DIED. This was a full grown octopus, which means that my water had to of been terrible. I checked it everyday. It doesn't matter if your water is PERFECT and it's reading that it's clear. There is

The cycle will shift the octopus, so that he is no longer acclimated. Everything that you thought was fine will be harmful to him. (And please don't correct my terms. This is the best way I can explain this.)

My octopus only lived for 2 weeks. We didn't see any warning signs.

I would suggest listening like with what I told you about how I let my water cycle for 3 months.

It didn't matter that I had the top equipment. Dan instructed me and I failed to listen to his good advice.

I don't want you to risk the life of the octopus and fail at what you are trying to accomplish at an early stage.
It doesn't matter wether or not you want to hear it. You are, and if you just ignore advice that is given to you, you are putting an innocent life at risk. You may think you can do it, but that doesn't mean you can. Don't say you know you can do it. You don't. If you really believe this when 15 people are telling you otherwise, you're trying to fool yourself. Nobody ragged on you. We were trying to help save an octopuses life, but you must not have living organisms in very high regard if you are going to hear only what you want. Do you really think an aquarium is gonna want an octopus that has been thru a tank cycle? Doubt is our responsibility as aquarists to provide the best for our animals. To take them from good conditions and put them in bad is very wrong. CYCLE YOUR TANK.

^ That may sound a little rude, but please, do not delete it. We've all made impatient decisions, but to disregard experience cephalopod keepers when they are telling you the best path is very, VERY, irresponsible IMHO...
Zeus, I don't think you mentioned how far away your uncle lives. If he is fairly close and you experience problems is he close enough that he could help you and your octo out? Thirty years of experience is a lot and maybe people here would be a little happier about the situation if they knew someone with that much experience was on hand to guide you through any problems, or if worse came to worse, rescue the octo until your tank had done more cycling. I was just skimming back through this thread, and if I missed something somewhere I apologize for being redundant.
Zeus, if you have specific tank questions, why don't you start another thread under tank talk. This one has gone about as far as it can go.

(Moved my other question to your post in the Marketplace)

Nancy;82701 said:
Zeus, if you have specific tank questions, why
Also, what are you going to do with the 200 other bimacs your uncle is bringing down from Oregon that you're trying to sell - where will you be keeping them?


since when is his uncle bringing 200 other bimacs??

Note: Moved my question to the Marketplace - I may have misunderstood Zeus' post. Nancy
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