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New Bandensis and Vanishing Pharoah

Jan 27, 2005
A few days ago I arrived home to find that my Pharoah cuttle was... not there. Gone. Hmmm, he didn't seem to be on the floor. I searched the tank and started pruning back the macro to find him. He really wasn't anywhere! After more than an hour of carefully pulling things apart I happened to reach my hand to the very back top of the tank behind some macro, and felt something soft and ruffly in my hand. He was kind of STUCK between the macro and the glass! I gently eased him out and he swam into view. I was laughing with relief. What a silly fellow.

Additionally, a store rang me up and told me they had a "hairy" cuttle. Sounded like S. bandensis. Sure enough it was! I purchased it immediately as the last time someplace had one it didn't last the week before dying. I still have the Pharoah in the main tank, but the sump is about 25 gallons and has macro and clam shells to hide in. Within 30 seconds of introducing him I tossed in a fiddler crab and he was on it in a flash! Really neat attack display, I think he was very hungry. He looks full-grown so I dunno how much time he has left, and I'd love to get my hands on another one. At the beginning of October I'll release the Pharoah and move the S. bandensis up to the main tank and hopefully get some more. Only thing is there are some Cnidarians up there...they're small but I'm worried he'll get stung if i don't remove 'em. There's kind of a lot of em too, any suggestions? Anemone-B-Gone? Polyp Hotel? Cnidarian RAID?
The boiling water or using kalk water injections both work, but its difficult to get all of them if you are infested.

Peppermint shrimp can eat them. Perhaps you can have a seperated tank with 25-30 pep shrimps in it and keep some of your rocks in there at a time, so the peps can clean them....

Congradulations on the new cuttle!!

ANy pics?
I would try the peppermint shrimp route...seems that the predators avoid them for the most part.
It's a shame, those cnidarians are neato. Maybe I can transfer them into the sump and keep them? And the shrimp could control the buddings that get into the main tank.

Right now the S. bandensis is quite secretive...he hides in the shadows. If I put a crab in, he materializes from the darkness, launches his commando attack, and melts back into the shadows again. Spooky!

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