New Antarctic deep-sea doco with cool squid footage airs tomorrow (16 May) in US


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Nov 19, 2002
Hi folks... after a rather unbelievably long wait, the documentary I was part of in January 2017 is finally airing in the US. It will be on tomorrow evening (16 May) in the US, on Nat Geo Wild. Don't know exact time, sorry. But you can apparently also watch it here Channel Homepage . The title is a bit of a mystery... we weren't hunting the giant squid... but OK. Still encountered some stunning animals (cephs and others). I have not actually seen this version, but I hope those who watch it will enjoy it!
Be aware that if you use the "also" link, it starts a 1 hour (enough time but no breaks as the timer does not stop) free trial. I wish they had included more in the sub but really enjoyed watching