Giant Squid Viewing Party!


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May 30, 2000

As we know, the Discovery Channel will air Monster Squid: The Giant Squid Is Real this coming Sunday, January 27 2013 at 8pm ET / 7 Central.

This should be fun. We've been waiting for this for, like, ever.

Since it's obvious we're all going to be watching it, why not have an online viewing party? (My interview in the Metro alluded to this). On Jan 27 I'll create a thread for us to discuss the documentary, which I believe at least a few folks are planning to join us for... We can even post pictures of ourselves readying for / watching the documentary, perhaps with a favorite cephalopod plushie or enjoying a cephalopod-themed drink like Kraken Spiced Rum or Ballast Point Indra Kunindra, or anything from 8 Arms Cellars.

However you choose to watch the documentary, we hope you'll do it with us! When the thread is posted (it will be posted to The Octopus' Den forum), I'll link to it here. (And now, here is the link!)

:party: :popcorn:

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