Neptune's Tanks

Jan 8, 2004
If I did this right :shock: …….. Attached are a few photos of my current tanks.

The new 55 is my bimac's future home. More rock to be added. It has been cycling since 1-11-04. I am ready, but it is not. 8)

The 72 is an agressive tank. Inhabitants include - lionfish, red emperor snapper, mexican dragon eel, undulated trigger, niger trigger

My micro reef "46 gal" has far to many inhabitants to name but if you look closely I bet you can guess how many jellybeans there are. And if you are really curious ask me and I will eventually give in. LOL



Wow Neptune- your tanks are very nice looking! Who helps you with keeping them so nice? Your wife must be such a cool lady to let you fill the house with all these tanks. They are so large and in excellent shape!
LOL The two of you do a fine job with your gorgeous tanks. I especially enjoyed seeing the shot of the aggressive tank in which the eel is peeking out. I look forward to seeing your octopus pictures. :tentacle:

is this the first husband and wife tonmoers???

very nice looking house neptune! (and tanks obviously) :wink:
LOL sorry um

Melissa, It is not the best pic but from the same batch I had a close up of the eel doing normal routine. This is his spot. If you llok behind him my niger is lurched into the rock behing his head.

Sorry about the quality but I will be getting some better photos soon.

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