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Negative reactions


Aug 7, 2004
Hey guys,
I live in San Diego and was thinking about getting one of these amazing animals. I contacted my local fish stores and they had a complete fit saying that they will not order these animals. I have had marine fish over ten years now and Was wanting to try something different. I have done some research and think I can meet the needs of these animals. How succesfull have you guys been raising these animals. Any idea on source of getting eggs? I think i would rather start with eggs.
Availability should be fantastic for you...you live right by Octopets...they have captive bred stock, and there is a member up in SF who has some banded cuttles for sale...

I've got some great ways of shipping cuttles which are 100% effective for them not inking.

Using Magnesium Chloride in the water... is it worth me posting this up for people to see???

The cuttlefish i have had were shipped in MgCl2 too and also no inking :smile:
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