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need to know everything about keeping and octopus


Jan 8, 2005
hey guys, i have been looking around tonmo for about a day now and i really want an octopus :mrgreen: (probably get if from octopets). i dont know anything about them but am willing to put in the time and of course the $. i would like to know everything that i need to start up an occie tank just the basics though. thank you in advance.
:welcome: Read up on our Ceph Care Forum and you should find any and everything you need to know!!! Questions are always welcomed!!!!

i was just lookin on nano-reef.com to talk about my nano reef and i saw a picture of an octopus in a 5 gallon nano. the man who owned it said it was a reef octopus and it had been in there for 2 years. is there such thing or is this person doing something very wrong?
got a link?

dwarf octos normally only live for 6 months not 2 years and a 5 gal would be far to small for anything bigger... i'd argue it was too small for a dwarf too :wink:
Recently someone who had kept dwarf octos suggested a 30 gallon tank for them - 5 gallons seems far too small.

As for info, be sure you look at articles on the Ceph Care page - click on the Ceph Care button above. You might start with the Equipment List and the Checklist.


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