Need help to identify ammonite


Nov 13, 2021
Hi, I got this ammonite from my friend but we can't identify it. Could anyone help to tell which genus it is?
Nice fossil! It looks like some kind of Stephanoceratid to me, but without size information and some kind of provenance that would just be a WAG. Try to find out where it came from and what geologic formation/age it was found in, a lot of ammonites look the same as others (homeomorphs) so it could be any one of thousands :wink:
Thanks Kevin! I had a similar feeling its super family is Stephanoceratoidea. Its size is around 4cm. I don't know its origin as it's bought from a market. I am an amateur ammonite collector. I find it's so hard to tell the difference between some genus sometimes. Any books or resources to recommend ?
I feel the most similar looking I found from google is Otoites in Otoitidae family under Stephanoceratoidea. From the items I found Internet, they have similar sizes.


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