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Oct 19, 2003
Last week, a bunch of us were able to hook up in New York, with Melissa and Taningia danae (Tani) joining yours truly for ika sashimi and some green tea, and in Boston, with Clem and Ob drinking basically anything but tea.

I'll leave it to Clem to post the dire details of what transpired in the New England Aquarium and beyond, but let's settle for the moment on that it contained failed attempts at nautilus, octopus and cuttle communication, a much heated debate on Mesonychoteuthis ocular morphology and unpublishable photographs of great importance in light thereof.

And googliness, obviously, much googliness. :bugout:

Especially after six beers or so.

So, back to the New York event. The three of us met up at Sharaku on 3rd and Stuyvesant. It is really funny how people that are from all over the place and simply know each other through TONMO can still feel fairly familiar in no time. We are a pretty tight community, so it seems. We sort of agreed that the way the forum is moderated has a lot to do with this, there is little (need for) intervening and so people's personalities are allowed to come through clearer in their posts than their arguments or personal demons :old:

We spent a leisurely afternoon finding out the stories behind each of our lives so far, careers, choices, travel, kids or definitely none, spouses or definitely none, their social aptitudes etcetera. Oh yes, and squid, obviously. What a joy to meet people like this. The subsequent stroll through Tompkins Square park, brought us to the much more important matter of bubble tea, however.

New York being New York, bubble tea proved only a short walk away. I found the whole experience,..., "interesting" :hmm:

Summise to say that D.B.A. on 1st found a very willing patron in yours truly when I found out they had "de Koninck" on tap, a glorious golden ale from Antwerp, quite without tapioca :wink:

In all we had a great afternoon, I felt privileged to play a bit of catch up since having had to cancel my Tonmocon II attendance at the very last minute, earlier this year.

I'll attach a pic for your perusal once my camera's recharged... It'll show the big O in the middle there, surrounded by the dainty figures of melissa and tani on my respective right and left, or left and right, if you take the viewer's perspective, or, wait, let's have one more de Koninck :beer:
Ob -- that's awesome! Good for you guys. I agree completely, there's nothing like getting together with fellow TONMOers, it's amazing how well we mesh. And drink. :cheers:

Thanks for sharing -- looking forward to pics!

I wouldn't call it "failed" communication, necessarily. We don't know what messages they received (or sent).:wink:

More pics later.



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You were not supposed to tell until our publication in "Annals of cross species communication", you -bleep-!!!

Glad you were able to meet Melissa and Tani. Sorry about the bubble tea, I'd just as soon put walnut jellies in my coffee.:yuck:

sorseress;100645 said:
What in the world is bubble tea???
Hi Sorseress,

Bubble tea is tea with tapioca "pearls" swirled into it, which are slurped up through a straw.

Below are some pics from last week's Boston nanocon. I met ob at the New England Aquarium, which I hadn't visited since the late 80's. Some Gehry-esque pavilions and an IMAX theater have been added to the plaza, but the exhibits haven't changed all that much and the main attraction remains the giant cylindrical ocean tank. There is a lovely new jellyfish gallery; the animals in the attached pic are moon jellies, lit by colored spots which can be selected by dials. The cuttlefish tank was a treat. The Sepia were intrigued both by Olaf's hands and the autofocus lamp on my camera.



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We had a good time - it could only have been improved with cephalopods! Our chitchat was less ceph-centered than your visit to the aquarium in Boston, and I was sad not to be able to partake of the delights on tap at DBA. So we have to plan on a next time!
You were on antibiotics Melissa, so forgiven, let us not discuss the interesting medication I'm on :smile:

Here's to squiddy banter and octo repartee!
Nice photo, Olaf. Sounds like you guys had a good time.

Speaking of squiddy banter and octo repartee...


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