Nancy off line for some days

Everyone, we have an update on Nancy from her husband:

Nancy's knee-replacement operation went very well (it was completed noon yesterday), but she is still in the hospital recovery unit. I saw her soon after the operation yesterday, and she was fine, except for being somewhat incoherent because of the drugs. She asked for a computer, presumably to do work for Tonmo, but the hospital said no.
I'm glad everything went well! Looking forward to having you back among the tentacled throng soon!
It woud have been interesting reading what you had to say when you were incoherent from the drugs! :wink: Hope the next few days pass quickly for you and you're soon home.
She's now in therapy twice per day, and the hope is for her to go home by the weekend. Scaling back on medications today.

I'm arranging to have some flowers waiting for her from all of us at
Good news! I'm back! Thanks for all the good wishes - I missed you all.

The surgery went well and I'm back home with an improved knee , now just need to do lots of exercise and make it strong.

Sometimes I've envied our octo friends, no joints to give them problems, and if they have trouble with one arm, so what? There are 7 others! :smile: