*Mystic & Lucid* - ID For NZ Octopus? ....

Sep 17, 2007
:rainbow:Hi there,

I was wondering if someone can help Identify this (girl?) for me?
I live in Wellington, New Zealand.
She was found in a Sub-Rockpool in Wellington.
She is also Coldwater Marine.

:notworth:Any help would be appreciated!:notworth:

:sagrin:Cheers in Advance!:sagrin:





:welcome: I can't help with the ID, but I bet AM is right that Steve or Jean will know any NZ octopod pretty readily...
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Steve is actually in Wellington right now... I would hazard a guess at Pinnoctopus cordiformis but I'm not sure of its distribution. I'll point other more knowledgeable persons in the direction of this thread... :roll:
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Hi and welcome to TONMO.com!

Your octopus looks like the big octopuses they keep in the Portobello Aquarium in NZ. When Jean comes online again, she'll be able to tell us.

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dude;101800 said:
bad news looks like a Giant octopus:sink::sink::sink::sink::sink::sink:

Why? Because it's red? Seriously doubt Enteroctopus Dofleini is hanging out in New Zealand, it's native to British Columbia, northwestern coast from California to Alaska. Could be a large species though, since the cold water tends to help lengthen their lifespan.

I would wait for the pros on this one.
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looks like Pinnoctopus cordiformis the common octopus. I wouldn't keep it long, they grow VERY large (up to 3m arm spread) and are escape artists. They also require a LOT of live crabs (up to 15 a day when growing) and we've had no success training them to eat dead prey!

Good luck!!!

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