My Tiny Octo


Feb 27, 2003
This liitle guy has been hiding and I just bearly got this pic. You can see him on the oyster shell right next to the black spot on the shell. Sorry for the poor quality but its the best i could do :roll:
No, he has not taken to anything but the side of a rock. He is fiesty and owns this tank :? He even inked me the other day when i was doing tank maint. he really didnt want me in there :roll: He is eating frozen Brine shrimp out of a airline tube connected to a syringe, so far, so good.
He also has his tent. working in harmony now :roll: and roams the tank, all over everything and when he comes to something new he changes colors and puffs up, really cute :biggrin2:
Hi Debbie

are you feeding the octo more than brine shrimp? i ask because it is one of the things documented that captive raised octos never do so well if raised on the stuff. Artemia brine shrimp have very little protein in them and is like feeding an aquatic animal snacks all day and with no real dinner...

Sounds like this will be a handfull when it grows up LOL :smile:
Not at all!!! I also feed him thawed marine shrimp, which i have to chop up finely, squid, and i tried to get him to take some scallops, but he hasnt shown any taste in that yet. He just likes to play with the airline tube so I put the brine shrimp in it for him to reach for :roll:
ahhhh :biggrin2:

if you miss a day's feeding then the octo may be more keen to try a bit of scallop... Having said that though the octo is still very small and wouldn't be eating scallop at that age in the wild so it may be something that it will grow into???
Colin, I did skip a day of feeding, but fot the past two days he has been hidng and i am worried. I can see him, he has created a hole in the substrate againt one of the LR and is just sitting there :? nothing I try to offer is being accepted :? Water params are ok, just cant get the little guy to take anything :| He seems healthy and is going around catching the amphs in the LR so at least he is getting something. Should I be worried or just wait him out?

Thanks for your help :notworth:
Ok, found the problem :idea: :roll: Since i have had Jam, I have always fed him with the airhose/syringe. For the past few days i have been placing his/her food close to him/her with no takes. Today I smashed up some squid and used the syringe again and he/her came right up to it and took the food right from the hose :roll: So I guess I have one spoiled OCTO!!!!!!
:rainbow: Oh well at least he is eating again :biggrin2:
LOLOLOL yes you have spoiled him!!!

Also remember that the octo is still a small baby and that they behave differently to larger octos... its still at the stage where it would be a tasty snack for 99.9% of all animals living round about it so is more shy naturally... they will grow out of it!

As long as he is eating it all then that's fine, may be worth getting a turkey baster tube thingy (technical term :smile: ) to blow water around the rocks to make sure uneaten food isnt lying and rotting... or get a britle star or something :smile:
ok, I have a large star fish in there with him, will a brittle start gat along with this star? This one is about 5" in dia. I also have a pencil urchin and two fiddler crabs that i got from the beach that make quick work of anything in the tank. but i always wanted brittle star :mrgreen:
you shouldn't have any bother with two starfish together... A brittlestar is way cooler in my opinion anyway, as they use their arms like legs and 'walk' in big strides across the aquarium floor :smile: They soon learn who feeds them too LOLOLOL

try to get a green serpent star, they are very interesting

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