My tank for near dead fish.

I guess I have a hard time imagining why you claim to be rescuing these fish. At least in the market they would have died quickly without lingering on in the overcrowded, disease infested, toxic prison you seem to call "intensive care." I am sorry to say it, but it really seems more like intensively careless.
no, it's not over crowded, it's just that I keep forgetting to post that I releases the majority of them, speakin' of diseases, hm...since I get natural sea water through some sort of carbon filter, I guess that would have a better chance with the sea water I get than in the ocean. Not to mention the oil slick near our coast....Toxic...Hah.....Anyway, I releases most of them last Friday....

And I'm trying to raise 250 bucks to get my water to get the tests done...
Freebies Galore!

now that I have moved and all the fish is released, I went to my fishing pal's house and found out that he has dumped his 40 gal. freshwater tank and bought and approx 65 -70 gal. salt water tank tank a month ago and is now planning to go for a 100 gal. tank :shock: .

Since he was what some might refer as a newbie (new person), he bought something which he found quite useless since either 1) His tank does not require that, 2) Another product is more effiecnt or 3) He bought is to compare which is better.

I now have a free protein skimmer, and new set of water salnity and temperature kits, a one big pro who has spend 45 minutes lecturing me on the depthness of sand and what I should get when I get my tank started again :biggrin2:

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