My tank for near dead fish.

Oct 7, 2004
So my tank's been over run with coraline algae...havn't been cleaned for months, don't know the level of nitrates and copper. And I have this sole/dab/flounder thing in my tank after seeing it lay around in the supermarket. What's does those bottom dwelling feeders eat?
Mine is about 20 cm long and has funny zebra lines on it back but it's brown and white. I suspect it's a Moses sole...

This will be a journal for all the rubbish fish I put in my tank.
Longest record for a animal alive: 3 prawns (6 months)
Shortest record: angelfish (30 seconds) :cry:
The dab, sole flounder thing keeps bashing inyo the glass! But it sure is doing a good job churning up the sand. I gave it some dead shrimp without the shell but it's not eating it.
Our flounders and sole eat minced fish, but it takes them some time to get used to it. If your tank was as messy as you say then there may have been amphis that the flounder would eat, plus they'll go for any worms etc


Sorry, we don't really get live rock here, so no amphis and worms. How about shrimp without shells? I'll try mince fish next/ And how do I make the mince fish sink without causing the tank to become watery chum?
whopee! My fish survived for a whole week!
The state of my tank is just like HK ( overcrowded).
New addistions include:
1 stone fish,
2 5cm long flounder sorta thing.
1 puffer fish
1 red fish thing
1 trigger fish thing.
Is this the tank for fish you save from the supermarket? And wouldn't it be better to keep the tank in as good condition as possible?

my stonefish

I couldn't get the pics of the other fish since the other fishs move! :lol:


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well, all your 'thingfish' (zappa album :smile: ) are very nice looking fishies! And i dont think I have ever seen these for sale in the trade at all... think yourself lucky and take good care of them

Forgot, this fish only survived 3 hours... :cry: Bad shape when I got it....oh well, can't expect to be too good when they come from a market...


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And this is me diving for a scuba-thon to raise money for the Tusnami victims 2 months ago and the other pic is my fish tank


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