My Octopus has laid eggs and I looking for information

dave zolla

Sep 18, 2003
I hoping she was fertile and I would like to try and raise them. If anyone has information or prior experience I would appreciate it. I'm mostly interested in what to use for food and how to raise/produce it.
Hello Dave and welcome!

Some people have described their egg-raising efforts on TONMO, but I'm sad to say that they haven't met with success after the first few days. Use the Search button above (next to and Home) and try eggs, hatching, and other maternity-related terms. There are three pages including pictures and details of what Maractwin did when they got eggs.

TONMO Cephalopod Community

I suspect it would help if you know what species your octo is. Can you post a picture of the octo and the eggs?

Best of luck!

Personally I have not cultured any Cephs but I think here is perhaps the most important question off the bat: what species is your Octopus? Some Octopus species lay large eggs, and some lay small... And the small eggs are notoriously hard to raise (see previous threads on the subject for some of the people here's attempts)

Good luck in any case!

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